Monday, June 6, 2011

Political and Social Campaigns by Ramdev Baba

Political and Social Campaigns

Ramdev has clarified that he has no political ambitions and is not interested in starting a political party, but feels it's his obligatory duty to reform social and political ambiguities apart from popularising yoga and thus strengthen the country.

He has raised a number of political, social and economic issues through his yoga camps (in Hindi Yog Shivir). Most of the issues raised by him demand a drastic change in the governance policies of India.
Bharat Swabhiman
For changing governance policies, he has initiated a movement named Bharat Swabhiman along with Rajiv Dixit.

The five goals of Bharat Swabhiman campaign are:
100% voting
100% nationalist thought,
100% boycott of foreign companies and adoption of swadeshi,
100% unification of the people of the nation and
100% yoga-oriented nation.
As a part of campaign, Baba Ramdev has been organising yoga camps across India to create awareness amongst people against corruption and black money.
On agriculture and dietary practices

In many yog shivir (yoga camps), he has raised the issue of increased consumption of fast foods, packed foods and soft drinks by the people. According to him these products can cause diseases and so they must not be eaten. He has also claimed that commercially available aerated drinks are harmful to due to the presence of phosphoric acids, preservatives, unknown chemicals and emulsifiers. He claims that these drinks are very harmful to the entire body and especially the stomach lining if consumed. He has also made statements along the lines of "Cold Drinks means Toilet Cleaner" and has claimed that these cold drinks are more effective at cleaning toilets than commercially available toilet cleaners.[13] He urges people in his public meetings to pledge not to consume commercial aerated drinks, to protect individual health as well as to avoid Indian wealth being transferred to multinational companies. Instead he advices the public to consume hot water, milk or traditional Indian juices only so that India may become prosperous.
He has also claimed that the use of fertilizers and pesticides has led to an undue economic load on farmers and increased the profits of large business houses involved in the business. He also claims that these practices are harmful to the general public, since the farming produce is contaminated with inorganic fertilizers and pesticides.[14] Due to this practice, the farming land is also becoming barren. He also blames corrupt practices for the miserable conditions of the poor farmers and other backward class of the society. He says that although agriculture is the biggest contributor to India's economy, farmers are the most poverty stricken class of the country.[citation needed](Note:The former half of the statement is incorrect, see Economy of India)

Illegal Mining

According to Bharat Swabhiman Trust, there is permission for only 200 mining leases but about one hundred thousands illegal mines are operational in the country.[15] He also describes illegal mining in India as one of the major social issue that requires an immediate ban.
Protests against black money

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